Cut Flower Gallery

Photo by Ashley Andries Photography

Photo by Bethany Anna Photography

Photo by Ashley Andries Photography

Bridal bouquet for September 23rd

Photo by Ashley Andries Photography

Fall Bridal Bouquet

Photo by Josh Behan Photography

Wedding Bouquet

Photo by Josh Behan Photography

Photo by Matt Ferrara Photography

Photo by Kevin Trimmers

Photo by Kevin Trimmers

Photo by Kevin Trimmers

Photo by Christine Chitnis

for Edible Rhody's Summer 2017 Issue

Photo by Bellafoto Studios

Photo by Bellafoto Studios

Photo by Will and D

burgundy DIY dahlia bouquet

Photo by Will and D

DIY Bride and bridesmaids' bouquets!

White Dinner Plate Dahlia 'Fleurel'

Photo by Caroline Goddard, hopestatestyle

Floral Crown

spring flowers

May Bouquet

with peonies, ninebark, snapdragons, lamb's ear

Table Trellis

at July 1 wedding at our venue

Green Mist and Chocolate Lace Flower


Photo by Will and D

Look what you can do with local DIY bulk flowers buckets!

Early October bridesmaid bouquet

white, blush and foliage

Photo by Nick Macedo

Photo by Holly Haddad Photography

Photo by Jenna Thompson Photography

purple, yellow, white: sunflowers, statice, mexican sage, dahlias, lisianthus, foliage Early October Bridal Bouquet

Photo by Jenna Thompson Photography

Sunflower Boutonniere

Summer CSA Flower Share Bouquets

Spring Peonies

with baptisia and allium in the background

Gathering bits for boutonnieres

lisianthus, lamb's ear, sedum, joe pye,, gomphrena, sage

Late June Bridal Bouquet

with white campanula, snaps and feverfew

Photo by Will and D

Photo by Holly Haddad Photography

Bouquets to compliment coral

coral & white bride & bridesmaids bouquets

Novelty Sunflower Mix

Bridal Bouquet

August Centerpiece

in barn wood cubes for wedding at the farm

September DIY Buckets

sunflowers, dahlias, amaranth, ninebark foliage, fennel flowers, marigolds, broom corn

White Flowers

lisianthus, feverfew, cosmos

Early October Bridal Bouquet

DIY Buckets

late September/early October dahlias, lisianthus, cosmos

Photo by Images by Jess

Fall bride's bouquet


Delphinium Boutonnieres

Late June Bouquet

with campanula, feverfew, green mist, clary sage, early white dahlia, delphinium

DIY Buckets

Mid September flowers dahlias, snapdragons, cosmos, scented geranium foliage, delphinium

White & Blush Bouquets

first week of October: lisianthus, cafe au lait dahlias, eucalyptus

Bright Mid-Summer Bouquets


Photo by Bellafoto Studios

Church Arrangement

for in front of alter at late July ceremony

Dahlis 'Prospero'

Hanging Amaranth

'emerald tassels' and 'love lies bleeding'

Dahlis 'Jowey Winnie'

Mothers' Day mason jars for the farmstand

'Tetra White' Feverfew

a nice alternative to baby's breath

Seasonal Bridesmaid's Bouquet

for mid September: dahlias, rudbeckia, sunflower, solidago, scented geranium foliage

White Snapdragons

Blush Lisianthus

'Echo Champagne'

Cafe au Lait and White Dahlias

September Bouquet

Textural Foliage

Green Mist, mountain mint, hydrangea

Burgundy Dahlia

Dahlia assortment

the main flower of September

Chocolate Sunlfower Bouquet

for adventurous fall bride


buttercream roses with seeded eucalyptus, wrapped with jute twine

a spring morning

'Bowl of Beauty'


Sunflower Boutonnieres

harvesting tight and green for florist delivery

DIY Buckets in May

tulips, queen anne's lace, sage foliage, anemones

Mothers' Day mason jars for the farmstand

a spring morning

Allium "Purple Sensation"

A May Centerpiece

with purple stock, anemones, catmint and dogwood foliage

Early Summer DIY Buckets

white dahlia

CSA Flower Share Bouquets


CSA Flower Share Bouquets


'Sunrich Orange Summer' and 'Pro Cut Gold'

Pink Larkspur

Early July

Karma Dahlia 'Goldie'

spring flowers

White Allium and Peach Lily Buds

Purple Lisianthus and Pink Chantilly Snapdragons

Photo by Images by Jess

Fall themed bouquets

Photo by Images by Jess

Maid of Honor

Centerpiece for a 50th Anniversary

sunflowers, snapdragons, vanilla marigolds, rudbeckia, foliage

Sunflower Centerpiece

We have these sea grass chargers and blue glass jars for rent at our venue

Vase of Delphinium in June

Pink Snapdragons

September Bouquet

Photo by Nick Macedo

Lisianthus boutonnieres

Matrona Sedum

July DIY Buckets

in pink, green and white lilies, green mist, queen anne's lace, yarrow, snapdragons


August Bridal Bouquet

lisianthus, ageratum, green mist, monarda lombada

for bridesmaids


Double Tulip "Apricot Beauty"

September Centerpiece

Mid Summer CSA Flower Share Bouquet

pale yellow Stock

a May flower

Double Tulip "Angelique"


White lisianthus with green stage sedum springs

DIY Table Flowers in late May

small dahlias and hydrangea centerpiece


Spring flowers

Dahlia 'Maarn'


Early Spring Flower

September Centerpiece

Oriental Lily "Lake Carey"

Blue Anemone


Photo by Holly Haddad Photography


Photo by Stephanie Kapra

spring wildflower look by DIY Bride with Corncockle and Bachelor Buttons

Early Spring Anemones


Oriental Lily

Groom's boutonniere

with ranunculus and bachelor button Photo by Stephanie Kapra

September Bridal Party Bouquets

assorted dahlias, lisianthus, dusty miller, roses


for casual farm party

Purple Lisianthus and Scented Geranium Foliage

French Tulip "Salmon Impression"

Pink Dahlia "Prospero"

September Sunflower Bouquet

with white Dahlia

Scented Geranium Foliage

Oriental Lily

cutting tulips early for long vase life

September Centerpiece

Shasta Daisies

Allium "Purple Sensation"

A mid-may flower

summer bouquet

Flowers cut on an August Day

Photo by Sam Morrissey

Photo by Stephanie Kapra

Photo by Sam Morrissey


small mason jar arrangement

centerpiece for Camp Hoffman event

for August bride

Sunflower Bridesmaids' Bouquets

Burgundy Dahlias

'Royal Sunset' LA Hybrid Lily

Fall tones

sunflowers, lilies, dahlias, asters, yarrow, solidago

Rudbeckia 'Indian Summer'

(hybrid black-eyed susan)

Sunflower Bridesmaids' Bouquets

bouquet with sunflowers and lilies


Asiatic Lily 'Eyeliner'


Wholesale Florist Delivery

Van full of lilies and larkspur for delivery to florists

Summer Bouquet


Black Eyed Susans and Zinnias

Bachelor Buttons in bouquets

September flowers

Zinnias & Sunflowers in September

DIY bride used lisianthus in these centerpieces

Photo by Sam Morrissey

Fuchsia Dahlias

bucket of bouquets ready for market

Dutch Iris 'Rosario'

Bridesmaids' Bouquets


Oriental Lily 'Striker'

Hybrid Delphinium Blue

Hybrid Delphinium - 'Magic Fountains Blue' - showy 3 ft spikes - Also available in white.

Dianthus White

White Dianthus, also known as 'Sweet William'.

Delphinium Bellamosum

Bright blue flowers on tall stems. 'Bellamosum' has an airier, more delicate look than the Hybrid Delphinium

Dianthus 'Sweet Mix'

Also known as 'Sweet William', on tall single stems, each bunch of this dianthus is a mix of Coral, Purple, Red, Scarlet and White.

Pro Cut Gold Sunflowers

Sunflower 'Pro-Cut Orange'

3 - 6 inch flower heads

Sunflower 'Pro-Cut Yellow'

yellow petaled sunflower with green center